Some were taken, some left, some were never there to begin with

stroke12A friend once told me, cherish the ones you have.
Feel blessed that you have a (parent / brother / sister / person) to (yell at, nag, bother, worry about, demand, pressure, guilt trip) you.
Not everyone has that person in their life.
They do these things because they love you, that’s the most important thing.  That someone out there loves you, and they could die at any minute.

Some were taken, some left, some were never there to begin with.

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Input, Output, Communication Speeds

Input speeds for common languages and interfaces

When typing, we use approximately 50 keys.
On my keyboard at home, I’ve got the following set:

  • Content Keys (48) x2 = 96 ~=100
    • 26 English letters,
    • 12 purely punctuation keys (space, +-~[];’,./\),
    • 10 numbers,
  • 6 mode modifiers (shift, ctrl, alt, caps lock, insert, numlock)
  • 12 navigational keys (tab, enter, home, end, pageup, pagedown, escape, win/mac, up, down, left, right)
  • 2 content modifiers (delete, backspace)
  • 12 F-keys
  • 17 number pad (duplicates)

Each of the Content Keys has a secondary punctuation or Capital letter when the shift or capslock is pressed.

English typed average – 80 WPM – 217 WPM
English spoken average -120 WPM – 180 WPM – 650! WPM
Morse Code (CW) – 110 - 140 (Fast) – 200 WPM
Books on tape – 150-160 WPM
ASL translator requirement – 110-130 WPM
ASL signed – 200 WPM?

MessagEase – 10 – 50(fast) – 80.7 WPM

Another Wasted Day

quote-a-day-without-laughter-is-a-day-wasted-charlie-chaplin-34903When I was small, mother said, “I always knew, someday you’ll do great things”.
Now I am older.  I have knowledge, training, experience.  I know how to troubleshoot an engine, deconstruct poetry, debug a computer.  I speak the languages of other countries, I read people’s faces and emotions and guess their next moves.  I read financial reports, strategize business plans, nothing surprises me.  And yet, nearing my 30th trip around the sun, I have done nothing of worth.

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MosaicI’ve been struggling with, and praying “help me in my unbelief” for a long time now. I guess I just haven’t got my shooting stars, or “red rose on the road” magical answer yet from above. For a long while, I acted first – “doing” in order to “know” God.  I served in a church, spent a lot of time reading and praying. During those moments, I felt close to God. But afterwards, or in between, I often felt that I was “faking” it, especially when the exhaustion and disappointments of life crowded around the edges of the worship stage, and waited for me in the wings.

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Zen Flow Music was chatting recently with my father, who has done a lot of reading both on the subjects of Zen Buddhism, and on the subject of creative flow. He, a writer and artist himself, mentioned several good books from a Russian scientist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who has studied brain activities of individuals who were experiencing creative “flow”. Flow is described as the sort of the holy grail in the art, music, and creative writing scenes that allows a person a very heightened creative ability, heightened cognitive functions, and the ability to lose track of all time while working. The phenomenon is highly regarded both as a means of betterment (to create better works of art, better music, better writing, etc…) but also because it seems to release endorphins and be extremely enjoyable. Thus the person gets something accomplished at a higher than average quality level, doesn’t care how much time has passed, and feels extremely good afterwards.  What could be better?

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A Hinge by any other name

 A Laptop Hinge by any other name could sound so sweet.




“Its the hinge that squeaks that gets the grease”
-Malcolm X



Since the invention of the laptop, many new variables have competed to be the defining factor of worth for the product.  RAM, CPU, power consumption, battery life, and screen size seem to be the most recent deciding factors.  However, in this world of “planned obsolescence“, I recommend that the public do a little easy and quick research to determine how long your product will last you.  Especially when it comes to seemingly innocuous pieces like the laptop hinge.  Enter Google Trends.

Netduino vs. Raspberri Pi

vs. A co-worker of mine recently purchased a Netduino for creating a chicken egg incubator, to regulate temperature and humidity, and turn on a hot lightbulb to hatch chicken eggs. I was pleasantly inspired by his genius and have been drooling over these nifty thrifty mini controllers for a while, so I decided to do a quick comparison of features and prices, and share with whomever may care. Continue reading

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