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New Firefox Plugin : CSS-Roundup 1.0 AKA Dust-me Selectors

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https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/css-roundup/[Edit3:] Another (Newer) version of Dust-Me Selectors was released by James “Brothercake” Edwards.  Thanks Brothercake! here.

 or click the icon to the right to download the beta “Forever” version, good up to Firefox version 100.* 

Like a lot of people out there, I’m extremely disappointed when one of my favorite or most used Firefox extensions suddenly becomes unavailable and unusable because of a new firefox version. So I’ve decided to re-release this one, mainly because I could only find one working version of it, and because it’s super handy.  I’m calling the new version “CSS-Roundup” but lets not kid here, all the hard work and true genius in this product was done by the folks over at sitepoint.com and Mr. James Edwards (sorry for the misnomer before), who originally wrote the script.  Hats off to you folks, you are awesome.

However, since it doesn’t work anymore with the latest version(s) of firefox, I’m re-releasing their version with a new name, css-roundup.xpi and also changed the maximum firefox compatible version to “9.*” (as of this writing we’re currently on version 5, and they usually do one a year or so)- I think this should hold us at least through tomorrow.
[Edit]  the extension on addons.mozilla.org who’s code was “approved” by mozilla. But now rejected, still trying to figure out why…

For any of you folks out there who are paranoid like me, feel free to download it and check the code yourself. As it turns out, firefox extensions (.xpi) are just .zip files in a formatted, packaged form, so feel free to download  it, rename to .zip and peruse the files yourself – all the code is open-source and written in javascript and xul (basically just xml).  So what I’m saying is, it’s perfectly safe, and you’re welcome to double check that yourself.

Coming soon, I’m going to update it a little for my own personal needs, so that it will crawl my whole site 20,000 pages strong.  Currently it’s choking on my multi-layered sitemaps, so I’ll repost and re-release when I’ve hacked it to fulfill this requirement.

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27 Comments to “New Firefox Plugin : CSS-Roundup 1.0 AKA Dust-me Selectors

  1. Great tool. Thanks!
    I just tried it with the latest version of FF (7.01) and it does not work. When do you expect to release an update?

  2. shoot, sorry about that, I hadn’t realized how quickly firefox was updating.

    I’ve just posted an updated version (works through FF 7.*), but I downloaded it myself, and it doesn’t seem to be working quite right… so please standby as I do some bug checking…

  3. Ok, should work now up to versions 8.*

  4. Brilliant thanks!

  5. Can this be ported to Chrome?

  6. I was going to post this as a review to the app but see that you are on top of the comments on this post. Might be the better place to post my comments at the moment.

    I see great promise in this addon. My largest issue, currently a deal breaker, is that when spidering a site I continually get multiple popups saying that the add-on is going to rustle through the page. I have to clear 5 of these with ever page in the spider. I am assuming one for every stylesheet (including external ones).

    What I would like to see done to bring this add-on to where I would hope it could be…
    1. fix the multiple popups on spidering. (crucial)
    2. Allow users to choose to ignore external style sheets. (luxury item but it could help immensely with speed)

    Thanks again for laying the groundwork on reviving this add-on. I am hoping that it can go from what it was previously to something that every developer would have in their regular toolbox.

  7. Thanks! I got the latest version 2.9.1 with Firefox 7.01 but I cannot seem to get the tool to activate. Is there a key combination to activate the tool? Nothing shows up on the menu either.

  8. Thanks for making this available. I did find one thing that makes it tough to use to scan a full site. When you ask it to spider a sitemap, you get an alert for each page of the site. That means you have to sit there and hit enter hundreds of times for a decent sized site.

    I tried going into the XPI file and just commenting out the alert, but Firefox claimed the plug-in was now “corrupted” and wouldn’t install it.

    Could you make a version without that alert popping up for each page? It would be greatly appreciated!

  9. Hi Peter,

    I just released version 2.9.2 to fix the multiple popups/alerts issue.
    Can you tell me what Operating system you are using?

  10. Dan and Giles,
    thanks for the comments,
    I’ve just re-released, and fixed the multi-popup bug,
    so please try the latest version, and let me know if this fixes your problem. (sorry for the poor testing)

  11. I will look into it – I just learned how to build firefox plugins, but I’m guessing chrome “apps” are not too different.
    Will post more when I learn more.

  12. Thanks for the fix. Able to actually test it out now! Appreciate your help in keeping this tool available.

  13. This is great! Thanks so much for this tool.

    I just wanted you to know that when I run it, it sits on the first page in my sitemap (the homepage) for a significant amount of time. When I hit ‘skip’, it moves along. It’s also hanging at other pages, but I think that’s because my sitemap might be out of date.

    Also, what do the numbers on the side mean? #/#/#?

    Thanks again!

  14. Hey thanks for making this available — to my embarrassment, I’m the developer of this extension (it’s James btw, no relation to Dean!), and I have totally dropped the ball on this. A new and updated version IS in development, and has been for several months, but it’s been dogged by production problems and my time has been severely limited.

    So I appreciate you taking the time to make this updated version, and I hope it’s proven useful to people. I’ll let you know when the new version is finally ready!

  15. I am seeing that the link no longer exists on the addons page. Did Mozilla pull the plugin?

  16. You’re miscrediting the original dude — it’s James Edwards, not Dean Edwards (top bloke though Dean is, he’s not connected with this!)

  17. CSS-Roundup Version 2.9.2 rejected by Firefox…
    still trying to figure out why…
    maybe a legal issue with senior James Edwards?
    anyways, sorry James, never meant to steal your glory,
    just trying to keep it alive.

  18. Thanks for that 🙂

    There is going to be an update to Dust-Me Selectors, and I’ve promised several people it will be ready before Christmas. Most significant among the new features are a major speed improvement (spidering a site is now 10 times faster, and single pages are 20 times faster), and a whole bunch of bug-fixes to prevent the spider hanging over errors.

    I’d welcome your thoughts on what other features or changes would be desirable — you’re in a unique position to offer that kind of insight 🙂

    btw — as I’m sure you’ve discovered by now, Chrome extensions are nothing at all like Firefox extensions, and converting the extension would not be a trivial process.

    However, I’ve spent most of the last few months build an Opera version, using its extensions API (also completely different from Firefox, though quite similar to Chrome extensions). So for those of you who are really keen to get the latest update quickly, Opera is the place to look — the Opera version will be coming out before the next Firefox version.

  19. What was the problem with submitting your latest Firefox version — what did they say? I promise it has nothing to do with me — as long as you credit correctly, which you now have, the license does allow you to do this.

    The Firefox Addons directory has incredibly stringent technical requirements, which have been tightened a great deal in recent months. But if that’s the problem, they will have given you very precise information about exactly what’s wrong.

  20. Awesome! I installed the plugin but now how do I start using it?

  21. I might be being stupid here, but once installed where do I find it to use it? Thank you.

  22. Aha, sorry, I now see the dusting brush in the status bar. Lovely jubbly :o)

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  24. I tried spidering it on a large drupal 7 site and it hung after a while. Then I tried a page by page test thinking that each page will modify the previous results so at the end I would get the unused selectors.

    In my experience what happened was that many selectors were reported as unused where in fact they were very much needed.

    It’s hard for me to understand how to aggregate the unused selectors given that spidering hangs, presumably from too many external links, but I don’t know really why it stops.

  25. Works like a charm, great!!
    Tnx a lot!

  26. Firefox 11 does not seem to have a status bar – how can I run this add on?

  27. Thanks @brothercake for the excellent update to the tool!
    You can find the new link to “Dust-me Selectors” at the top. or here:

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